5 Brilliant Money Secrets to Living and Saving Money like the Amish (2024)

The Amish are a group of Christians that live in the United States and Canada. Their simple lifestyle allows them to save money and avoid many routine expenses for an average household as well as avoiding the all too common lifestyle inflation.

Amish people tend to save money over spending money, and there is quite a bit you can learn from this mindset. But how exactly do the Amish save their money?

Amish people save money by limiting their expenses and valuing savings over frivolous spending. And Amish people are always looking for a deal. They also strive to live debt-free and be as self-sufficient as possible. All these habits help the Amish save money.

In this blog post, we will talk about the different ways that the Amish save money. Keep reading to learn the tips and tricks the Amish use to become savvy savers.

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The Amish Hold Off On Spending

The Amish tend to save money by saving up for purchases. Amish people are not keen on buying things right away, and they may wait a while before purchasing something that interests them.

Amish people will also often ask themselves if the purchase is necessary or it would be better to save up for another item of greater need.

The Amish have a unique take on saving money, and it may be just what you are looking for.

The following is a list of ways the Amish can save money and may be a perfect model for you to save after:

  • Benefiting the community directly – The Amish people live in self-contained communities, and the Amish economy is localized.
  • Using what you have is not overlooked – The Amish produce their goods from raw materials to finished products with a high degree of efficiency.
  • Bartering is still used – In addition, the Amish use bartering, as well as exchange systems to trade amongst themselves for things like eggs or cheese from their animals, or services such as carpentry work.

This system the Amish live within and use as a main way of life has been so successful that the Amish often have more money than the average American.

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The Amish Look For Deals

Amish people can usually find great deals at their stores because one person’s loss is the other person’s gain in Amish business practices. There are a few things you can do that borrow from the Amish’s smart saving habits:

  • Reuse – If you can repurpose something, do it. Amish can find many uses for old or salvaged items that may be headed for the trash heap.
  • Pool your resources – Amish people often pool their money to make a larger purchase together so they can save on costs and still get something everyone needs without having to spend too much of your own money
  • Buy in bulk – Amish folks also buy large quantities when they see an item at a discount so that if it runs out again later in the year, they will have plenty of leftovers
  • Buy second hand – Another way the Amish save money is by opting for used items and clothing over brand new items.

One of the main practices for the Amish is to reduce, reuse, and recycle as many things as possible. This even comes down to buying products that are going to have less waste.

For instance, they choose to avoid buying butter that comes in a paper wrapping that will degrade easily and opt for choosing an option that comes in a container that can be repurposed and reused.

Another way the Amish save money is by buying second-hand. Buying second-hand goods from different outlets provide ample opportunity to buy items without breaking the bank, and doing so allows Amish to continue saving rather than shelling out the cash on fancy new duds.

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The Amish Stay Debt-Free

When it comes to living an Amish lifestyle, because they avoid opening credit cards and taking out private loans, they can stay relatively debt-free. Amish people do not take out loans, allowing them to stay debt-free.

Amish individuals also avoid credit cards because they believe that the act of borrowing money should only be done when there is no other choice to avoid future financial woes.

A great example of this would be Amish farmers who can purchase seeds and groceries with cash instead of taking a loan out for these items, which helps keep their finances strong.

Many times because they use the bartering systems, goods and services can be exchanged without going into debt.

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Creating Self-Sufficiency is Key for the Amish

The Amish live a simple life and are masters at doing everything for themselves and teaching each person in their community the skills needed to handle certain trades.

People outside the Amish community would tend to outsource the following skills and pay extra for the convenience:

  • Blacksmith
  • Carpenter
  • Farmer
  • Shoemaker
  • Tailor

Amish people save money by avoiding paying extra for these services. This is because they teach their community members to become equipped with these skills over time.

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Bulk Shopping and Cooking Saves Money, Too

The Amish also save money by investing in bulk items and cooking from scratch in large batches. This reduces the overall cost of groceries over time and allows an Amish family to save money.

Additionally, the Amish greatly reduce many of their food bills because they farm for themselves and do all their cooking at home.

Amish people grow their food, produce it on the farm, and can all make meals together. The Amish save money by always having enough of what they need.

And the Amish tend not to go out to restaurants as these are a luxury found outside of many Amish communities. This again saves them money because they are not paying for the convenience of pre-prepared food.

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In Summary: The Amish Are Thrifty Savers

The Amish make sure to emphasize saving money over spending money, and this mindset is the basis for their savings scheme.

Amish people also pay for goods in cash; this reduces the amount spent annually over time as opposed to buying items with credit cards or loans, which incur additional fees.

The Amish pay cash for goods which reduces the amount spent annually over time, unlike buying items with credit cards or loans, which incur more charges when you factor in interest rates and late payments.

5 Brilliant Money Secrets to Living and Saving Money like the Amish (2024)


How do the Amish save so much money? ›

They Grow Their Own Food

The Amish grow almost all of their own meats and vegetables and not only save significant money, but serve much healthier meals in the process. While raising your own cattle and pork is simply not an option for everyone, you need very little space to start a small gardenor herb box of your own.

What are the frugal lessons of the Amish? ›

Become Skilled. The Amish possess certain skills which naturally save them money. They know how to sew and mend their own clothes, preserve their own food, knit their own mittens, construct their own buildings, take care of their own livestock, bale their own hay, make their own furniture, etc.

What do Amish buy at Walmart? ›

The Amish, known for their simple and traditional lifestyle, do shop at Walmart for practical needs. They choose items that align with their values of simplicity and practicality, such as bulk foods, fabrics, and farming supplies, while avoiding luxury or high-tech products.

What is the average income of an Amish family? ›

The tract that contains the most Amish is far from uniform, however. The distribution shows a significant number of families with incomes below $49,000. Twenty three percent of households living in this Census Tract have average incomes of about $42,000. More fascinating is the emergent mode at $75,000.

What are 5 practices all Amish have in common? ›

A: Yes, most Amish groups share certain practices: use of horse and buggy for local transportation, rejection of electricity from public utility lines, prohibition against televisions and computers, some type of distinctive dress, beards for men, ending of formal education at the eighth grade, meeting in homes for ...

How do the Amish afford their homes? ›

Loans and Borrowing

However, the Amish also have other sources of funding. In some communities, Amish-run lending funds will provide capital to members of the community for a first home or a business at favorable rates. Also, traditionally a father will help sons in acquiring a farm.

What do the Amish value the most? ›

The Amish value rural life, manual labor, humility, and Gelassenheit, all under the auspices of living what they interpret to be God's word. Members who do not conform to these community expectations and who cannot be convinced to repent face excommunication and shunning.

Do the Amish put their money in banks? ›

They don't use credit cards, instead paying for everything with cash or check. About the only time the Amish use credit is when they buy a farm. Such a large purchase requires bargaining, and means working with a banker. There are no Amish bankers, no Amish-owned banks, so they turn to local banks for help.

Do Amish have Social Security numbers? ›

While the Amish are governed by the law, they don't want to have social security numbers. However, they do get one when they join the church as an adult. Because the Amish come from the Anabaptist tradition, they believe that you should be baptized as an adult when you're fully able to consent.

Do the Amish use banks? ›

The only time an Amish person might use a credit card is to purchase a farm. Negotiating for such a huge purchase necessitates dealing with a banker. In these cases, the Amish turn to local banks for assistance.

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