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  • How to add a signature in Google Docs


  • How to add a signature in Google Docs
  • Adding aneSignature toGoogle Docs
  • Isitworth ittosign inGoogle Docs?
  • Does analternative toaGoogle Docs eSignature exist?
  • How toadd asignature inGoogle Docs with signNow

For the last five years, Google Docs has become one ofthe most popular tools for editing documents. People even say that they don’t need any other software because ofGoogle powered products. Today, Google Docs isused byindividuals and businesses alike for working with documents.

The online software truly gives users alot, from writing simple texts tobuilding graphics and managing contract negotiation. But most people don’t know that they can add asignature directly inGoogle Docs without leaving the page.

Adding aneSignature toGoogle Docs

You can quickly create asignature inGoogle Docs with the Drawing tool. There are two ways you can add your eSignature. Read the instructions below and choose the method that works best for you.

Toadd asignature inGoogle Docs, dothe following actions:

  1. Open the document and place your cursor where you want toeSign.
  2. Onthe top toolbar, find Insert and click onit.
  3. Select Drawing > New.
  4. Open the Line dropdown list byclicking onit. Then select Scribble.
  5. Create the eSignature you want toplace inGoogle Docs.
  6. Hit the Save and Close button.

After that alegally-binding eSignature will beadded toyour document.

Ifyou want tocreate ahandwritten signature inGoogle Docs, use the Text Box function instead ofScribble inthe Drawing menu:

  1. Long click onyour document and create the box you’d like toadd your signatureto.
  2. Type your name orinitials.
  3. Highlight the text and change the font toCaveat, Pacifico orAmaticSC.
  4. Click Save and Use toadd ittoyour document.

And just like that you have aneSigned Google Doc that looks handwritten.

Isitworth ittosign inGoogle Docs?

Google Docs isanindisputably convenient service, and the opportunity toeSign documents makes iteven more useful. Before, you had toprint acontract, physically signit, then scan and send ittoyour recipient. Now you can doitall online and print out anexecuted copy. But isitworthit?

  • Security drawbackGoogle cares about the security ofyour files and nothird-party can access them without your approval. But sometimes you orthe other signer can forget tochange the privacy settings orunintentionally change them. For example, another signer can’t access anaccount inGoogle and asks you toshare the document via apublic link. That means that anyone with the link can view and edit the document. Contracts and other materials often include sensitive data. While working inGoogle Docs itisessential that you always stay attentive toeach detail throughout the process toavoid security issues.

    Inaddition, signing documents inGoogle Docs isacontroversial matter. There are two critical questions being discussed:

    • Isareal person signing the document?
    • Does aperson signing understand and confirm that the eSignature isvalid and legally binding?

    Ifsomething inyour deal goes wrong and alawsuit isfiled, the answers tothe questions above will becritically important for you. Inthe absence ofanswers itisclear that before you sign orhave someone eSign adocument, everyone has tounderstand the importance ofadding their signature.

    Bynomeans does that mean you should stop using Google Docs’s eSignature functions. All itmeans isthat when using Google Docs toeSign documents, beattentive. Below are some tips tohelp you stay secure when working with signatures inGoogle Docs:

    • Never share documents via public link.
    • Send the contract directly toyour recipient’s Gmail account.
    • Avoid using Google Docs tosign documents with those who don’t have Gmail accounts.
    • Ask your recipients whether they agree torecognize this form ofsigning asvalid and legally binding.

    Keeping tothese practices will protect you from issues inthe future such asrecipients saying that they didn’t know the eSignature was legally binding.

  • Convenience drawbackAfter explaining security drawbacks, explaining convenience drawbacks may seem insignificant. But ifyou doalot ofwork with documents that need tobesigned, being comfortable isreally important. Which iswhy you need tounderstand all pros and cons ofutilizing the platform.

    The whole process ofcreating asignature inGoogle Docs issimple and anyone can doitfrom almost any computer inthe world. However, Google has not yet developed the ability toeSign from the Google Docs app. Ifyou need tosign documents while onthego, consider finding aspecialized software. Inaddition tonot being able tosign onmobile, Google Docs doesn’t save your previously created eSignatures. That’s great for security, but isn’t socool for efficiency.

Does analternative toaGoogle Docs eSignature exist?

Ofcourse. You can find lots ofplatforms that offer you tools for managing eSignatures. But you need tounderstand that each has its own pros and cons. Most ofthem can’t guarantee security for your documents nor convenience for you oryour team. That’s why you should choose wisely while looking for aneSignature solution. Compare lists offeatures, opportunities, pricing, etc. Read reviews and comments inthe AppStore orPlayMarket and beweary ofartificial looking feedback.

Ifyou don’t have time topay for, download, install orsign upfor abunch ofdifferent platforms, wehave you covered. We’ve done our research and offer signNow asthe most robust eSignature solution.

The most important factor toconsider is — will itintegrate into your current workflow? Think about everything you usually have tosign, from contracts totax forms. signNow isnot just aneSignature solution. Get access tofillable fields, signing orders, teams and much more. Companies all across theUS integrate signNow asaway toincrease collaboration.

Does itoffer complete digital security? signNow isanindustry leader indata security and isincompliance withUS andEU eSignature laws. Security istaken very seriously atsignNow and isalways adding innovations toservers, like the latest encryption features for your connection tomake sure that your information issafe. And inaddition totop-of-the-line encryption, signNow offers additional security measures toensure your data isn’t stolen. For example, ifyou use your account onsomeone else’s phone orcomputer you’ll automatically besigned out after inactivity. Only those who are added asrecipients can see the documents, and only those with assigned roles can sign those documents.

The biggest question always asked when itcomes toeSignatures is — are its eSignatures legally binding? Every signNow user (paid ornot) has toagree tothe validity ofthe service and signing process before they are allowed toexecute adocument. Why? Simple, because ifsomething goes wrong you will always beable totake this initial warning message tocourt and argue that every signature added was only added after the signee recognized the legitimacy ofthe process.

Isitconvenient touse? Aside from being highly functional, signNow isvery straightforward. Utilize itand create anelectronic signature onavariety offile types; Word docs, PDFs, images, all without any extra work orextensions.

How much can you dowithit? Compared toother services, signNow has awider range ofopportunities. You can add calculated fields, checkboxes, dropdowns, radio button groups just bysimply dragging and dropping them. Not only doyou get alot ofgreat functions, you optimize time. When you can create apowerful document right from signNow, you create time for more important tasks.

Astechnology continues todevelop, and solutions flood the market, users like you need toknow the advantages ofeach product clearly. Questions like; Isitacross-platform solution? signNow isamobile-first eSignature solution that works onall devices and OSs. You can access itfrom any browser and mobile applications for iOS and Android. Even work onyour eSignature workflows while onthego.

And that’s just the tip ofthe iceberg.

Ifyou have already signed upfor afree trial, goahead and test itout!

How toadd asignature inGoogle Docs with signNow

  • OnmobileAdd asignature inGoogle Docs inafew simple clicks bycompleting the following actions:
    1. Onthe main screen, select the Documents menu and tap Create.
    2. Click Load from Cloud and pick Google Drive.
    3. Find the document you want inyour storage, select itand click the download button atthe bottom ofthe screen.
    4. When your file opens, tap anywhere onthe screen toopen apop-up window, where you should choose Insert Signature.
    5. Select Add Signature and draw itwith your finger and click Done.
    6. Select your eSignature from the list and place itonyour Google Doc.
    7. Finish byselecting Done inthe top right-hand corner, select Save and name your document.

    When you try toupload asample from Google Drive for the first time, itwill request access, and you need toconfirmit. Don’t beafraid ofthis process; this isastandard procedure with new services.

  • Ondesktop orlaptopsignNow’s web version can’t directly import from Google Drive, but you can utilize the extension inChrome. Usingit, you will beable toadd signatures tomore than just Google Docs but almost any PDF you find onthe internet:
    1. Find the signNow extension inthe Chrome Web Store and click Add toChrome.
    2. Give itaccess toyour documents.
    3. Click onany link with aPDF document initand select signNow.
    4. When the file opens, use the signNow editor inanew Tab, then finish the process.

    Ifyou don’t have Chrome orusing the extension isn’t convenient for you, you can upload the document from your internal storage and then automatically export ittoGoogle Drive. Wesuggest that you enable automatic exporting.

    1. Open the main page ofyour signNow account.
    2. Inthe top right-hand corner, find the icon and click onit.
    3. Select Cloud storage. Make sure that you have connected toGoogle Drive. Ifno, connect accounts.
    4. Check the box labeled Enable Automatic Export onSign.

    After you dothis, all your signed documents will automatically upload toyour Drive and turn into Google Docs. Now, all ofthisis, isonly necessary ifyou want tobuild your documents inGoogle Docs. But itisnot necessary. With signNow get access toaninternal editor that allows you tobuild PDF templates, edit, add fillable fields, and sign them right from your signNow account.

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May 13, 2020

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  • How to add a signature in Google Docs
  • Adding aneSignature toGoogle Docs
  • Isitworth ittosign inGoogle Docs?
  • Does analternative toaGoogle Docs eSignature exist?
  • How toadd asignature inGoogle Docs with signNow

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