How to Add Signatures in Google Sheets and Docs (2023)


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Google Docs and Google Sheets are tools used by thousands of people every day.

They’re super easy to work with and great for collaboration, especially once you learn how to add a signature in Google Sheets and Docs.

Originally, Google Docs and Sheets were created to help you work with different types of documents, from writing to editing and beyond, online rather than off, such as with Microsoft Word documents or Excel sheets.

But now times have changed and today there are many more actions we can take inside the tools. This is largely due to the Google marketplace.

What are Google add-ons?

A Google add-on is a way to add new features and functionality to Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, Forms, Gmail, and more.

Most add-ons are developed by third parties and go through a rigorous Google selection and approval process.

Basically, all add-ons run inside the Google tool you’re using and look like additional menus, sidebars, and popovers that were already built-in.

Obviously, add-ons allow you to extend the value of your Google Docs investment by letting you do more while not having to open a new window.

You can choose from a variety of Google add-ons to format text or customize styles, set page sizes or add formatted code, and much more.

Luckily, there is also the possibility to easily eSign documents in Google Docs and Sheets.

eSignatures and digital signatures

To start, let’s define what eSignatures are, how they can be helpful in your Google account.

So, what are eSignatures?

A signature is often used to prove one’s identity. Typically, signatures are captured by physically hand writing them with a pen and paper.

Now, thanks to technology, we’ve moved from the dark ages into a time where collecting an eSignature on a document is more common, takes only seconds, and is actually an enjoyable experience.

To put it simply, an eSignature helps you to sign online documents. eSignatures can also be called digital signatures.

While they are basically the same thing, there are a couple of slight differences between the two.

A digital signature is a verified signature on a document that contains an encrypted algorithm with invisible digital codes.

The encryption is the key when it comes to the electronic signature vs digital signature conundrum. Here you can find more info on how a digital signature works.

Are eSignatures legally-binding?

eSignatures are legal in the United States, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. Be advised though as electronic signatures are not yet legal worldwide.

How to Add Signatures in Google Sheets and Docs (2)

How do I add an eSignature in Google Docs?

PandaDoc is one of the tools that can help add eSignatures to Google Documents.

The best part is, you won’t have to open new windows, tabs, or apps to accomplish this.

PandaDoc appears seamlessly in Google Docs to make adding a Google Doc signature quick and easy.

So, let’s get into how to electronically sign a Google Document.

To get started, use an existing Google Doc.

You could upload a document from your hard drive or Dropbox, or just create a new one. Then click Add-ons > Get Add-ons.

How to Add Signatures in Google Sheets and Docs (3)

Search for “PandaDoc” or scroll down and look for the bright green Sign Docs box. Click on it and select free.

How to Add Signatures in Google Sheets and Docs (4)

Go back into your Google Doc and select Add-ons > PandaDoc > Send via PandaDoc.

Now your PandaDoc add-on panel will appear on the right side of the screen. Select Connect to PandaDoc.

How to Add Signatures in Google Sheets and Docs (5)

Then, hit “Authorize application” in the window that pops up.

How to Add Signatures in Google Sheets and Docs (6)

Now, you’ll find the PandaDoc add-on right inside your Google Docs every time you open the app.

Simply go to Add-ons > PandaDoc > Send via PandaDoc any time you’re ready to send a Google Doc for electronic signature and tracking!

How to send your Google Doc via PandaDoc

The PandaDoc add-on works the same as the PandaDoc app with two major exceptions:

  1. You obviously aren’t inside PandaDoc, instead you’re working within your Google Doc.
  2. No dragging, no dropping. To use PandaDoc from within a Google Doc, all you need to do is place your cursor exactly where you want the Widget to land.

Then, click on the type of Widget — text field, signature, etc — and assign the recipient as usual.

When you’re ready to send a document, your Google Doc will be automatically converted into a PandaDoc, which means that your recipient can electronically sign it and you can track their interactions with your document.

Add signatures to your Google Sheets

Thanks to a Zapier-powered PandaDoc and Google Sheets integration, you can also add electronic signatures to your Google Sheets 一 and so much more!

Connect as many documents as you like in PandaDoc and Google Sheets with no coding.

Once your document is approved, PandaDoc automatically adds eSignature fields, as well as the relevant recipient information, to your document based on the data in your spreadsheet.

In fact, you can create rules to populate quotes, invoices, proposals, and more automatically when you create them.

When your document status changes in PandaDoc 一 for instance, when it’s viewed, paid for, or signed一your Google spreadsheet automatically updates.

You can even select the exact row and column the changes appear in!

Plus, when you land a new client, their details are automatically saved to the Google spreadsheet of your choice.

Then, when a client inputs data into the fields in your PandaDoc document, the data syncs seamlessly with your Google spreadsheet to update the relevant cells.

You can also create PandaDoc documents using data from several spreadsheets.

Create the appropriate rules and combine data from a number of sources 一 whether that’s your email list, social media stats, Google Forms, and more.

Test your rules to optimize your PandaDoc and Google Sheets experience and start signing your Google Sheets with ease.

Be honest, when you wondered about adding digital signatures to Google Sheets, you never thought it would be so easy, did you?

PandaDoc add-on best practices

PandaDoc users cannot only send Google Docs and Sheets via PandaDoc and work with Google Docs signatures but can also view document analytics.

From now on, when you send a document via PandaDoc, you can see exactly how long your recipient looked at each section.

This means that you can anticipate a prospect’s objections by analyzing where they spent most of their time on the document.

It’s important to take advantage of this feature by breaking up your doc into specific pages.

Here’s how: click Insert > Page Break and add a page break between important sections so you get deeper knowledge of what your client is thinking and looking at.

Integrate with Gmail before sending Google Docs via PandaDoc

Do you use Gmail?

If yes, then save even more time by logging into your PandaDoc account and setting up the contact sync between PandaDoc and your Gmail account.

Go to Settings > Integrations then Click Connect Gmail.

The next pop up will ask you to accept the integration.

Finally, the green status bar will display, showing you the process of syncing your contacts from Gmail to PandaDoc.

When the sync is finished, all your contacts will be inside PandaDoc.

This means you can send your signed documents (which you can create using PandaDoc templates) to your Gmail contacts via the PandaDoc Google add-on.

PandaDoc integrations for Google Docs and Sheets

Thanks to PandaDoc integrations, you can add your signature in Google Docs and Google Sheets with ease.

You can also electronically sign Google Forms using PandaDoc.

Track, manage, and edit your PandaDoc documents in your favorite Google apps and take another step toward a paperless, more organized process.

With PandaDoc and Google, you can run your business and close deals from anywhere in the world on your laptop, iPhone, or Android device.

Originally published March 11, 2014, updated December 19, 2022


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Frequently asked questions on how to digitally sign a Google Doc or Sheet

  • In most cases, you can sign documents with electronic signatures as long as you meet the usual signature rules.

    For instance, to eSign a deed, you must still satisfy formalities like your signature being witnessed.

    Electronic signatures are also a more secure option than choosing to scribble down handwritten signatures.

    They have built-in authentication and several layers of security, as well as a digital audit trail that acts as proof of transaction in courts.

  • An electronic signature is considered valid if it is a:

    • Typed signature on a document
    • Picture of your signature inserted in the appropriate place on a document
    • Signature written electronically using a mouse, finger, or ePen

    Many courts also accept a typed name at the bottom of an email or a person ticking “I accept” on a website as a valid eSignature.

  • You can now sign a variety of documents electronically, including:

    • Contracts (such as sales contracts or employment contracts)
    • Government, healthcare, and financial services documents
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Age verification documents
    • Intellectual property licenses

    Some documents can be signed electronically but are subject to specific requirements. For example, to eSign a deed, the signee and the witness must be physically present in the same room.

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