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There are just so many things to check out on Reddit. As the biggest general online forum, the platform is where community members share audio, pictures, ideas, and opinions with like-minded people. Did you ever find some interesting videos that you want to share with your friends or save them offline? If that’s the case, this article will introduce the best Reddit video downloader to help you out. Just keep reading!


  1. Part 1: Why Do You Need Reddit Video Downloader? Is It Legal?
  2. Part 2: Best Reddit Video Downloader Software Tools
  3. Part 3: Best Reddit Video Downloader Online
  4. Part 4: Best Reddit Video Downloader App

Part 1: Why Do You Need Reddit Video Downloader? Is It Legal?

There are tons of videos on Reddit but not all of them can be there forever. Once the creator deleted the videos, they’ll be gone forever. While most users hope to download videos for offline access, Reddit does not allow you to do so. What’s worse, if you attempt to download videos from Reddit, you’ll find the videos are muted. As Reddit serves the video and audio in separate tracks, there’s no way you can download a video containing both.

That’s why you need a professional Reddit video downloader to help you out. Thus a question arises: Is it legal to download Reddit videos with a Reddit video downloader? It depends. It’s not legal if the copyright holder does not explicitly allow it and it also depends on the copyright laws in your country. However, generally speaking, as long as you are downloading Reddit videos for personal use then it should be OK.

Part 2: Best Reddit Video Downloader Software Tools

As said, you will need to resort to a Reddit video downloader to save videos with sound from Reddit. So which one is the best? If you don’t want to painfully browse the web, here are the 2 best Reddit video downloader software tools that can help you download videos with sound easily.

8K Reddit Video Downloader – CleverGet

Compatible with Windows and Mac, CleverGet is a professional Reddit video downloader with sound. With CleverGet’s core technology, you can download audio and video tracks altogether from Reddit and capture Reddit videos with resolutions ranging from 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, and up to 8K UHD with 320 Kbps audio quality. If you want to have more control over Reddit output video quality and formats, CleverGet is the best choice.

Apart from Reddit, CleverGet supports 1000+ websites, including YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Netflix, and many more. From social media clips to trendy TV shows to cinema releases, CleverGet can help you download them all. It’s one of the best twitch clip downloaders that allows you to capture videos on twitch quickly and easily.

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  • CleverGet 8K Downloader

    1. Download Video & Music from 1000+ Sites
    2. Download Live Stream Videos from YouTube Live and Others
    3. Up to 8K UHD Video Downloading with 320 kbps Audio Quality
    4. Smarter Downloading Settings
    5. 1-Click to Play Downloaded Videos
    6. Provide Precise Video Info

One great benefit of CleverGet that you don’t often see on average video downloaders is the ability to download live streams videos. The downloader allows you to download live streaming videos with a link directly or convert live stream M3U8 links to MP4 easily. In other words, CleverGet simply can help you download anything.


  • 8K UHD video downloader
  • Options of Output video quality & formats
  • Bulk and fast download
  • Supports live streaming videos download


  • Not available on mobile devices

Fastest Reddit Video Downloader – Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader is another easy-to-use Reddit video downloader for Mac and Windows. Similarly, the downloader allows you to save content from more than 1000+ websites, for instance, Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, and more. Want to download Fantastic Beast 3 Secrets of Dumbledore from the best 123movies alternative sites? With Leawo Video Downloader, that’s not a problem at all.

Supporting batch download, Leawo Video Downloader allows you to save Reddit videos with the fastest speed, which is 6X times faster than most competitors on the market. The advanced algorithm makes it the best Reddit video downloader with sound and it can help you capture Reddit videos perfectly. With its user-friendly interface, it takes just a few clicks to save your favorite Reddit videos offline.


  • 6X faster download speed
  • Supports multiple formats and resolutions
  • Batch download
  • Download live streaming videos


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  • Not supporting mobile devices

Part 3: Best Reddit Video Downloader Online

What if you just want to download Reddit videos from time to time? While desktop software might seem a bit too much for occasional clips, you can use a Reddit video downloader to save the Reddit videos with sound. Just check out the 4 best online Reddit video downloaders as follows.

Reddit Video Downloader

Reddit Video Downloader is an easy-to-use online downloader designed specifically for downloading and converting Reddit videos online. The downloader is 100% safe and free, which allows you to download Reddit videos on all major devices. With Reddit Video Downloader, you can effectively retain the video quality and download videos with rocket fast speed.


  • Intuitive to use
  • Free Reddit video downloader
  • Fast download
  • Safe and secure


  • No batch download
  • MP4 formats only


RedditSave is a powerful online Reddit video downloader that can help you save Reddit videos with sound. With RedditSave, you can not only save videos but also GIFs embedded from Imgur, gfycat, streamable, giphy, etc for free. With a simple interface, the site is easy to use. Simply input the link that contains the video or GIFs you want to download and click the Download button and that’s it.


  • Reddit Video Downloader with sound
  • Free to use
  • Download embedded content


  • Supports MP4 only
  • Slow download


RedV is a reliable Reddit Video Downloader to download Reddit videos with sound. The online tool is 100% free to use. You might find ads running on the site, but this is the way for self-support. Similarly, you can copy and paste the Reddit video link to the site to extract the video.


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  • No software installation
  • Free service
  • Easy to use


  • Supports Reddit only
  • No batch download
  • No options for output resolutions and formats


Viddit.red is a free online Reddit video downloader that can successfully help you save Reddit videos to MP4. Moreover, it can separate audio and video, so you can save the video and convert them to MP3. The downloader is a 100% no-brainer tool because all it needs is just a post link.


  • 100% free
  • Converts Reddit video to MP4/MP3


  • No bulk download
  • Supports video hosted on Reddit only
  • No control over video quality

Part 4: Best Reddit Video Downloader App

What about mobile devices? Online Reddit video downloaders should be also working, but the Reddit video downloader app is a better choice. Here we’ve collected the 4 best Reddit video downloader apps, just check them out.

All Video Downloader(Android)

As the best Reddit video downloader app for Android, All Video Downloader allows you to download videos from many websites, including TikTok, Reddit, YouTube, Vimeo, and more. You can either locate the video with the search feature or with a URL. Simply input the video link to the app and it will detect the Reddit video immediately.


  • Free to use
  • Download progress bar
  • Quality downloads
  • Search/auto-detect feature of videos for download


  • Ads are running
  • Interface with poor design

Free Video Downloader(Android)

Free Video Downloader is a simple Reddit video downloader app working on Android. With Free Video Downloader, you can download videos and music from any website with all major formats supported, including mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, MOV, Avi, WMV, etc. The powerful download manager allows you to pause and resume downloads as well as download several files in the background.

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  • Free & HD Reddit video downloader
  • Supports a wide range of formats
  • Browse and play videos with the built-in player
  • Batch download


  • Sometimes glitches
  • Supports Android only

Video Saver Pro+ (iOS)

Compatible with iOS, Video Saver Pro+ is a free video downloader that can help you download videos not only from Reddit but multiple sources. With a built-in player, Video Saver Pro+ lets you watch previous videos before downloading them. The simple user interface makes the app intuitive to use. You can download Reddit videos with a link directly.


  • Supports multiple video sources
  • Simultaneous downloads
  • Built-in player


  • Not supporting certain formats
  • Compatible with iOS only


iDownloader is an iOS Reddit video downloader that can help you save Reddit videos with sound for free. Supporting multiple sources, iDownloader allows you to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and more. You can preview the downloaded Reddit video with the built-in player and monitor the download speed with the download manager.


  • Unlimited download
  • Scheduled downloads
  • Built-in player for preview
  • Background playback
  • Bulk download


  • Slow download

The Bottom Line

This article has introduced the best Reddit video downloaders on the block, including desktop software, online Reddit video downloader, and apps. You may just pick one as you see fit. At first glance, online Reddit downloaders might seem convenient, but they are handy only when you need to download Reddit videos occasionally. They don’t support batch download, which brings too much hassle if you want to download multiple videos simultaneously. On the other hand, Reddit video downloader apps could be more powerful for mobile devices. But if you want to save your favorite Reddit videos with better quality on the computer, desktop software packages like CleverGet and Leawo Video Downloader are surely the best choices.

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Can you download Reddit videos with sound? ›

The first free online Reddit video downloader we recommend is redv.co. It is a clean web service that enables you to download Reddit videos with audio one by one. All the videos will be saved as MPEG-4 format.

What is the best video downloader for Reddit? ›

Top 6 Best Free Reddit Video Downloaders
  • RedV Video Downloader.
  • Keepvid Video Downloader.
  • Viddit. red Online Video Downloader.
  • Keepsaveit Video Downloader.
  • Save Videos from Online Video Downloader.
  • RIPSAVE Video Downloader.

How do I download a saved video from Reddit? ›

Here are the easiest ways to download and save Reddit videos to your device.
  1. Use a Reddit Video Downloader. ...
  2. Download Reddit Videos With a Browser Extension. ...
  3. Download Reddit Videos With the savevideo Bot. ...
  4. Download Reddit Videos With a Browser Bookmarklet. ...
  5. Download Reddit Videos With SSReddit.
Oct 28, 2022

Why do downloaded Reddit videos have no sound? ›

The main reason is that Reddit doesn't play the audio by default as it's a text-based platform. Also, Reddit will mute the video by default if it thinks the video is not safe for work. Or, it's just because the original video doesn't have any sound.

Why don't Reddit videos download with sound? ›

This is because Reddit doesn't play the sound by default as it is primarily a text-based platform. Moreover, Reddit mutes the sound by default for certain videos, especially if they're NSFW (not safe for work) content.

What is the best video downloader for Reddit 2023? ›

iMyFone TopClipper is a popular video downloader software that allows users to download videos without any watermarks. It is widely recommended by users on Reddit as a reliable and fast solution for downloading videos from various websites.

Which version of Reddit is best? ›

Best Reddit apps for Android
  • Infinity for Reddit – The best Android Reddit app.
  • Sync for Reddit – The best Reddit app with the best user experience.
  • Joey for Reddit – The best Reddit reading experience on mobile.
  • Boost for Reddit – Similar interface to the official Reddit app.
  • Slide for Reddit – Best browsing experience.
Jan 17, 2023

What is the most downloaded Reddit app? ›

Leading Reddit client and third-party mobile apps in 2022, by number of downloads
Apollo for Reddit2,647,941
Slide for Reddit351,071
narwhal for reddit239,020
9 more rows
Jun 27, 2023

How do I watch Reddit videos with sound? ›

Tap on the speaker icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the video to turn the sound on.

How do I save a Reddit video with sound on my Iphone? ›

Use Official App

Simply tap the post that has the video, tap the meatball menu(…) button on the top right corner, select Share and tap Save Video from the Share Sheet. The video will be saved to your Cameral roll or the Photos app. However, this method has its fair share of disadvantages.

How do I use my O Reilly downloader? ›

You can download ebooks by visiting the book's overview page. Click on the My O'Reilly Downloader Logo in the sidebar to begin downloading an ePub version of the eBook. It's as simple as that!

Is there a Reddit video downloader? ›

Go to the Reddit post that contains the video you want to save. Whether you're browsing Reddit on your computer or using the mobile app, you can use a free Reddit video downloader called RedditSave to download any video. RedditSave will create an MP4 file of any video from Reddit.

Is Y2mate safe to use? ›

The answer to the question “is Y2mate safe?” is both yes and no. Although Y2mate is a virus-free tool, there are ads and pop-ups on the platform that potentially don't have the same level of trustworthiness. Such ads and pop-ups could potentially lead users to dangerous websites.

Which is the best download manager Reddit? ›

IDM's the only one that can do that as far as I know. JDownloader2 is also generally recommended (here's a portable fork), though it is also a bit dodgy despite being allegedly open-source.

Is 4kdownloader legit? ›

4K Video Downloader is safe and legitimate to use as long as you download it from its official site, 4kdownload.com, which wards off all the malware, virus, and malicious codes that could use your hardware resources. Note that if downloading from a third-party site, the security cannot be guaranteed.


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